Matty06 4 years ago

I'm doing a family league and we have some different rules for drafting/playing to make it fun and unique from our other leagues. Basically the first round you select 5 guys (all from the same team) that you keep the entire season. And you must play at least two of them each week. After that first round all undrafted players are available for all final rounds.

So can I begin a slow draft and as commish input the first five choices for each team and then turn it over to email for the remaining choices? Or once I start drafting as commish does it have to stay that way?

We are all scattered through the US so sitting down together for a draft isn't an option. Just trying to find best way to collect info and keep members informed of draft progress.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

The slow draft and e-mail draft are the same. You have control over the whole league from the Players section all the time. And the player on the clock has control when it's their turn. So you can go ahead and do everything from e-mail draft and it will show you who is up, etc. So you can start it off by picking yourself, sure.