TampaJackie 5 years ago

I followed your instructions and draft started at 36.1 and did not show trades.Comic Book Dynasty league.I posted this in response to your instructions I posted an hour ago under same heading.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

I was able to initiate the e-mail draft fine after all keepers were set and also have the keepers backed up in case your league needs it.

I see you're no longer the commissioner in that league as well.

Please have the new commish reach out as the older keepers were saved and old rosters are saved if you need them, but all checked out fine here.

TampaJackie 5 years ago

Comic Book Dynasty not Comic Book League

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Please only use one thread here or contact us using the Contact/Report A Bug link on the bottom right. Please use league links or IDs of them in the future as leagues can have the same name.

League ID 136608 - Comic Book Dynasty League - fleaflicker.com -- It's correct. You already held a draft post the 2013 season and it's picking up at 36.1. You have the correct keepers still set and everything is reflecting correctly from what I see.

If you see something not reflecting correctly, please e-mail us at fleaflicker.com

In terms of the other league you did not refer to starting at 36.1 -- fleaflicker.com, if you need help there moving forward, just e-mail us as well. Because you did not have a draft this season yet there (after the 2012 season finished) it is starting at 1.1.

You guys already drafted in 136608 once, so it's correctly picking up, you can see the log here: fleaflicker.com

TampaJackie 5 years ago

sent email for league 136608

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Our staff responded and is working with you.

MartinMayhew 5 years ago