brilliam 5 years ago


The commish of my MLB fantasy league & I have been looking at alternatives as their system is brutally buggy and has an awful feature set. Most of what we were hoping for seems to be here, except for the pitching staff feature -- instead of drafting pitchers, you draft a whole pitching staff (kind of like drafting defense in a fantasy NFL league) and points are given by how well the entire team performs in each day -- starts at 27 points, erodes with every walk, hit and run, and gets restored by number of strikeouts.

Anyway, since we have a lot of people who love to play but aren't the pitcher-streaming types (they're kind of a casual crowd) there's nowhere else we can really switch to. I looked at the custom leagues and they seemed to do pretty much everything we need except for that, unless I'm missing something somewhere. If it's possible, how do I set it up?


FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Unfortunately, we don't support a team pitching staff, so you would be unable to automatically have the stats appear if you selected a certain team's staff.

We hope you still consider the move. Let us know if we can further help and you can contact us any time through e-mail at