dj1288 1 decade ago

Same here, I am commish of my league....I had 2 teams win by 1 point, as of end of game last is "live scoring" so these stats should be accurate at the time of up checked this morning and 1 of teams won by 2 pts and the other lost by 1...Karneys sack and/or forced fumble was not scored for the other team ower and he lost by 1..he is bitching this morning....league name is "brown boys play ground"...please check the scoringand make the correct changes to the scoring and standings, please fleaflicker..Thanks

dj1288 1 decade ago


Can you please take a look into this issue for me please? I have 2 teams tied because of this and 1 should actually be an outright winner...also as of now they are tied, but the records in the standing reflect 0-0-0 record...if it were a tie it would be 0-0-1...please view and adjust...but please check Vics stats and this would give a clear winner...league name is brown boys play ground...thank you much and in advance

dj1288 1 decade ago

Actually, you have mike vick as having 16 points..after recaluulating he should have 15, not 16...this would make the other guy win and not have a tie...please check into it.

156 passing/15= 10

68 rushing=6

1 touchdown= 6


22 points gained

1 Int= -2

3 fumbles= -3

2 lost fumbles= -2


-7 points lost

Nets 15 points, not 16...please correct scoring and standings

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Again, we think we've fixed the issues, please have another look.