tdown12 5 years ago

He started 11 times at SS from what I can see in 2012. Should that be added 2013?

loubonz 4 years ago

can position eligibility change during season

tdown12 5 years ago

Thank you

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Prado falls under Rule 5 here. He is among a very small handful of players that gained/lost eligibility manually at a position in February:

ZCyclone 5 years ago

Why? He followed the rule on starting 10 games and was seen as a utility player by the Braves in real life last year. What made him a special case exactly?

ZCyclone 5 years ago

Mark Reynolds - 15 games at 3B, has 3B eligibility

Kyle Seager - 14 games started at 2B, has 2B eligibility

Michael Young - 16 games at 2B, has 2B eligibility

How are these different than Prado. What portion of Rule 5 is applied to Prado that is not applied here?

oshcrazi 5 years ago

That question definitely needs to be answered with a specific citation on why he differs from everyone else.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We responded to the parties through e-mail. It won't be re-looked at this year. These changes were made in January. Prado will not be playing SS at all this year for the Braves as of now, with the others leaving the door open. It applies to the applicable above rule. It won't be addressed through the boards as our positional staff (which has a tough job doing this as well) is the one who makes these changes and can respond through e-mail at -- please contact them there for further information here. Here are some links they looked into with Prado, while the door is still open for the other players. (read the blurb on Prado)... The manual changes we made were done well before the season and applied to Prado, Victor Martinez and Matt Harvey and Cubs' prospect Javier Baez.

Again, there is nothing more we can do for you here on the forums regarding these players, but we can try and address further through e-mail.

ZCyclone 4 years ago

Prado doesn't even play for the Braves anymore (way to stay on the ball with that one) and still has the skill set to possibly cover SS for Arizona this year. Not sure if someone on FF staff got lost a league from Prado covering SS or something, but this is pretty ridiculous singling-out of a single player who met the rules set. I appreciate the quick feedback your staff gave, but am really disappointed in how this decision was made.

Here's hoping that the diamondbacks have SS injuries and Prado covers 10+ games at the position.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Changes were made to him before the Towers trade (we changed three players by hand in early January (usually we always do this the first week). We don't look at case-by-case individuals thereafter unless extreme.

Those changing that apply to the rule exception are done very early in January when he was a Brave, to stay away from drafting ambiguity, or the only other exception would be a Cuban defector not even in the database at all (like Cespedes in 2012).

The staff that is in charge are objective parties as well.