Kareighuis 5 years ago

League in question- fleaflicker.com

4 teams currently tied at 5-5. I've read the tiebreaker bar on the right and am confused how it put those 4 teams in the order it did, given the tiebreaker rules-

Best head-to-head record

Best division record (same division only)

Most average points/game

Hardest schedule (record)

Hardest schedule (points)

Tracking how those 4 teams have done against each other, Cuban is 3-1 against the other three 5-5 teams and seems should be the 1st of them. Besitos is 1-2 and has the worst record of the four.

Help figuring out how it applied the tiebreakers please?

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Forget the H2H off the bat as your first point with so many teams...

Before I break it down, it's important to note H2H (head to head) is only used when the tie can be broken with a full sweep, meaning all tied teams would have had to sweep the others or have been swept. It's usually not used at the beginnings of ties because it's too many teams.

Then also once the tie is broken, the next step and breaker is used and the system goes back to the top to see if H2H can be applied.

Here is your breakdown that I figured out:

Best, The, Crash, Cuban, Curv

For spot 1: 

No teams swept each other or were swept so the first tiebreaker is skipped

The second, best division record is looked at.

Besit, The and Cuban, Curv are in the same division -- leaving Crash safe here...

Curv had a worse division record than Cuban so he's knocked out and since Besit and The have the same division record, the next breaker is 

points where Besit advances

Leaving Besit, Cuban and Crash vying it out. Again no sweeps here and no same divisions, so points is used and Besit has the most and claims the No. 1 spot.

Now all the other four 5-5 teams are entered back... The, Crash,Cuban,Curv. No H2H sweeps.

Again, Curv is out with the worse division record. Tiebreakers reset and you're left with Cuban and Curv and The. No H2H sweeps, can't use division, so The advances on points 

So right now Besit and The are in leaving Crash, Cuban and Curve vying for the last spot. 

Again, no sweeps and Curve has worse division record than Cuban leaving Cuban and Crash. 

Breakers reset 

Crash swept the season so H2H can be used here and Crash advances, leaving playoff teams: Besit, The and Crash