craase 4 years ago

This new format is really bad, Completely counter intuitive. It's not just that things are different, spent ten minutes finding last years player scores. Nothing flows or makes sense. Seams like a lot of time and effort wasted and its not even clear what you were trying to achieve with this epic fail . Priorities guys

EskimoBrotha 4 years ago

There is no way to see the projections for players after the first game for the week is played.

EskimoBrotha 4 years ago

Never mind. I finally got it, but it took a lot of manipulating and tinkering.

fleafounder Admin 4 years ago

The projections were accidentally disabled for a short while. Try again now--select weekly projections from the dropdown.

EskimoBrotha 4 years ago


[Deleted User] 4 years ago

I agree, especially the mobile browser - the ads overwhelm the entire page, its so disorganized - I'll give the developers the benefit of the doubt but if its not changed drastically before August i will be registering my league with Yahoo or CBS

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Sorry you feel that way, guys. We're listening.

Is there anything we can help you find or navigate around? Everything is still there and accessible, it just may take a few tries adjusting.

Let us know what you feel is hard to find as your feedback is valuable and we're still in design mode and can possibly change things for you.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Richard -- try toggling the mobile browser into desktop mode on your device by toggling buttons at the bottom of the page -- this should give you the desktop view at the very least.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Craase- let us know what doesn't flow and make sense and we'll take your suggestions into account in this design to make things easier.

[Deleted User] 4 years ago

Thanks for reply. My thoughts on why i think it is badly designed

- A mass of brightness - its hard to look at as everything is just so bright, whites and light greys, there is no contrast and it makes just focusing on anything really tough

- Ads - I get that you have to have ads but especially on the mobile site, these ads are HUGE! Very distracting, bad on regular browser too

- Why no apps? You say the mobile browser works better than an app would, i disagree, look at all the big players, Yahoo, CBS, ESPN they all have brilliant apps, you need to stay in competition with them

- Navigation - the links on the page are too spaced out - goes along with my first point, its just not pleasant to look at

Hope this helps, thankyou

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Thanks, your suggestions are a big help and will be talked about during our next internal meeting where we bring user issues up on almost a daily basis.

jenny5150 4 years ago

the bottom line is I can go to any site and figure out what is available and how to access it pretty quickly. I logged in to get an Idea of early draft positions and to rank players for this years draft. took me 10 minutes to find last years scores. left and came back a few hours later to continue and still had difficulty getting back to where I was . for me who has little difficulty navigating many sites, this is the only one I find difficult.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Sorry, Jenny. The top nav bar should be helpful here -- use the Draft tab on top there all the time for those actions. If you need help, you can ask, we're trying to take all suggestions into account and make it as easiest as possible.

The_Bra1n 4 years ago

I have to agree with the OP. Our league has been on Fleaflicker many years but this will likely be the last one. Back when we first started, it compared favorably to other sites. Now, the other site designs and interfaces blow this one away. For example, the score page here doesn't even fit the team names on the "Top Scores" column and for some reason, it was moved to left side this year which I hate. The draft interface seems light years behind sites like Yahoo and ESPN. I usually pull for the small guys with a good product but I don't see Fleaflicker getting any better. It's getting worse while the competition has vastly improved.

wrgilbert 4 years ago

Gotta agree The_Brain... Flea is heading backwards.....from an already tenuous position.