roto597 5 years ago

Is there a minimum innings pitched requirement? We start 5 SP and any combination of 5 additional P. We are currently in a slow draft and there is an owner who drafted only RP and now he is drafting old retired SP to fill out the required SP. I have a feeling he is doing this in an attempt to keep ERA and WHIP low and tank the other categories. I thought there was a minimum number of innings required to prevent this. Also, os there a place on the website to find all of these sorts of league rules? Thanks!!!

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago


1) The best place on the site to search for answers like this is to use the forum's search field and type "innings cap" or "minimum innings," and likely it has been answered like here:

2) We'll have better help documentation on the site in the coming weeks that will also complement the search field for you

3) You can always e-mail us using the contact link on the bottom right

4) In regards tomyour request, again, sorry we don't offer this feature right now as you can tell from the above link provided (further detail in there).