joejoe_19 4 years ago

Why is it you will not utilize the target attribute for links to external sites so that they open in a new tab/window instead of taking me completely away from FF. And don't tell me to right click either!

fleafounder Admin 4 years ago

I think the original question was asking about opening links to external news articles in a new browser window.

We'll consider this suggestion. For now, you can use the middle mouse button or right click to open in a new window, as you suggested.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

It's something we have been trying to add along with TFLs for a while now.

Every year around July we check in with our stats provider to see if it is feasible to add. We are going to do this with targets and TFLs/Stuffs again soon -- we'd love to see it too, but no promises other than we will ask if they can support them to us. We'll keep you updated.