Michael 1 decade ago


I am holding my draft on Sunday and wanted to know how to hold a draft where two players are using the same machine. Last week when we held it it was picking people automatically for the two people using the same pc so we had to reschedule.

What is the correct procedure for this and which internet browser should they be using.


fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Hi Michael,

We had some technical issues with the draft software last week which may have caused the problems you had. I personally spent much of the weekend and Monday working to repair these issues.

You should have no problems doing this now.

If you have a modern web browser (like Internet Explorer version 6+, Firefox, or Safari on the Mac) and the Java plugin, you should have no problems with the draft.

To draft for more than one person from the same computer:

1. Sign in as the first user.

2. Enter the draft room. The draft room should launch in a separate window.

3. From the original window, sign out (link at top right of screen).

4. Sign back in as another user.

5. Enter the draft room, which should pop up in a separate window.

You should now have 2 separate windows for the 2 draft rooms, each as a different user.

For more than 2 users, simply repeat.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties with this. We've tested it extensively and it should work fine.