Terry_Tibbs 5 years ago

Can Flea either remove or at least appoint a co-commish in one of my leagues?


The current commish has a track record of changing the roster rulings to suit himself and snapping up the better players before anyone else can react to the new roster rules.

Plus he arbitrarily decides to cancel fair & legitimate trades that involve other teams and refuses to engage in communication to explain the reasons behind his decisions.

I'd rather not leave the league but can see the only other options are to 1) remove the current commish and appoint a new commish or 2) appoint a co-commish.

What can Fleaflicker do?

giants34 4 years ago

this sounds like a commish called Average Joe,cheats every week

Terry_Tibbs 5 years ago

And what a shock the moment I ask a simple question as to why the commish is making these type of decisions I get booted from the league.

So it's one rule for him and another rule for anyone who isn't part of his clique!

It would be nice if Flea could help maintain the integrity of the game by dealing with Mr Power Freak.


FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Specific requests like these can be directed to our support staff at fleaflicker.com -- we do look into matters emailed there and we URGE you to report them at Team-Team Owner Options-Report Abusive Owner

Terry_Tibbs 5 years ago

Thanks for the quick reply.

The commish was reported via the abusive owner option but sadly thanks to his actions I've been removed from the league before anything was done by Flea which sucks to be honest.

I'll also try the support staff option you've mentioned.

pressurenot 4 years ago

Fleaflicker is unresponsive to this type problem

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

We are very responsive to these issues and they are very important to us. Please continue to e-mail our support staff regarding any issue like this and we will personally respond to all issues and do our best to rectify them in a timely fashion.

pressurenot 4 years ago

I reported this same type problem on 5/20 and the Commissioner is doing the same thing to my team today and I mean literally today. I don't call that timely. I sent a second complaint in yesterday and got a canned response from you folks about reporting it through your "Report Cheating" mechanism. Well that doesn't cover these situations.

I reported a League Commissioner two years ago for these same reasons and not a thing was done about it and I got kicked out of the league.

You may or may not understand my questioning Fleaflickers integrity in these matters

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Please understand we fully read all of your emails. It is very hard -- and not our policy -- to police leagues that have commissioners in place. That being said, we don't condone cheating or collusion.

We have that automated system to do so and help us and you. It works well, but can be improved for sure -- we hear you.

If you feel the commish is still cheating, we will continue to do our best through our in-place system and by reading your emails.

Send emails to us and let us know previous dates you reported the issue so we can see if it needs to be expedited.

Terry_Tibbs 4 years ago

Well nothing was ever done with regards to the issue I raised in this thread despite using the report Abusive Owner option AND emailing the support staff both of which have been suggested in this thread.

Whilst I understand an element of the FF approach if a Commish is already in place they're reluctant to get involved but in the real world Roger Goodell doesn't instigate rule changes without it being voted on & signed off by the rest of the league beforehand.

So why can't FF follow suit and instigate a rule whereby if a Commish wants to makes changes to the league structure/rosters/rules the rest of the league has to vote on it first?

1) It makes it more life like and

2) More importantly it stops those rogue Commish from changing league rules to suit themselves and

3) Equally importantly it maintains the integrity and playing experience of FF