kevinmmazure 5 years ago

hello, i was wondering how i would be able to change certain draft settings. in the first year of a dynasty, 15 roster spots were all keepers. now i wish to add two roster spots so it would be 17, shorten the draft from 15 rounds to 2 to fill the roster spots, and change the draft away from the snake style

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

1. Go to Commish Options>Edit Roster Requirements>Add your two extra spots to the total on the bottom (click the edit button across from total and make it 17).

2. Ensure all teams have 15 players pegged as keepers (if they don't you can select the 15 keepers for them at Commish Options>Edit Rosters).

3. To change the style, go to Commish Options>Edit Keeper Rules

kevinmmazure 5 years ago