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fleafounder Admin Jul 17 '13

We're excited to announce the launch of Fleaflicker Pro! You can upgrade your account and never see another advertisement again. Your pages will load up to 200% faster so you'll be able to manage your team quickly and efficiently.

You can buy Fleaflicker Pro today at a discounted preseason rate of $14.99. The upgrade lasts an entire season (that's less than 10 cents per day). It is a one-time payment with no auto-renewals or hidden fees.

Subscribers also receive around-the-clock support from our team. We'll reply to your questions in 24 hours or less. Plus you'll be awarded a badge next to your username to highlight your upgraded status.

To purchase, just click the "remove ad" link that appears under any advertisement, or follow one of the following links:



Basketball (registration opens July 20)



Dom Jul 21 '13

Do you have a price for all of Fleaflicker? A combo package?

fleafounder Admin Jul 21 '13

Not yet but we want to add it. It makes sense for owners with teams in several sports. There should be a discount.

How many upgrades would you want? We're looking for feedback from our users. Thanks!

Dom Jul 21 '13

All four sports. Or at least Football and baseball package together.

Dom Jul 21 '13

Maybe an "any two" or "all four" option

dustrz Jul 22 '13

so by making this a paid app(site), does this mean we'll finally get the improvements we've been asking for? (Hint:) finance page?

fleafounder Admin Jul 30 '13

We just introduced multi-sport discounts. If you buy Fleaflicker Pro for one sport, you'll see a discount to $7.99 (65% off) if you go to the upgrade page of any other sport.

dustrz Jul 30 '13

I was speaking about a transaction tracking finance page sir. exactly what features are different than the free version?

Dom Jul 30 '13

Thanks Ori

unsubtlewoods Aug 19 '13

Is there a way to hide these badges from scabby free playing players?!

FleaMod Admin Aug 21 '13

Not quite yet, but something we hope to have soon. Thanks for your feedback. We'll keep you updated.