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Lightening Mar 20 '79

With all of the technology available, you should be able to deal with 'in game' injuries. Nothing is more frustrating than having your position player go down in the first quarter and not be able to replace him like they do in real life!

Any thoughts on this?? Thanks.


FFCSR_Hal Admin Mar 20 '79

It is a tricky situation there. It gives players who are watching a game or by a device/computer when something happens a one-sided competitive advantage. Something we will think about. Thanks.

Lightening Mar 20 '79

I'm not sure I see the 'one-sided' advantage if a 1st team RB is replaced by a backup RB. The other team can do the same thing if needed. Am I missing something here? Either way, thanks for the response and have some meetings about this subject if possible!! Regards.