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Pee-Dee May 25 '13

I wish the threads on the league message board would have recent threads posts float to the top. I wish we could have comish sticky posts as well.


FFCSR_Hal Admin Jun 04 '13

Our messages will be revamped soon to your liking.

shortdawg920 Jun 06 '13

Commish sticky posts is a great idea.

shortdawg920 Jun 06 '13

Or some kind of "commish note" section.

FleaMod Admin Jun 07 '13

Definitely something that is very important to us and I know other sites use. We are going to take your feedback to the table and try and incorporate this, yes.

shortdawg920 Jun 07 '13

Thanks guys.. One thing also would be to have a tiny place for a commish note that shows up on both the main page and a user's team page.. Most of our league uses the message boards but a couple of people don't, and it can be hard to get important information to them sometimes..

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jun 08 '13

Another great suggestion. We want a commish page or a place to put sticky notes on the boards. It is in the works. Stay tuned.