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QueenMaster Feb 08 '79

new to fleaflicker, but not fantasy baseball. League just started here in week five. have been unable to find point values for our custom roto categories. know what gets you points but not how many for each item

Hits, Single, Double, etc. IP, BB.

can anyone direct me to where I can see the breakdown so my league is all on the same page. We know the categories, just not the point value attached to each. as commish that was never an option, just the categories, so are they all the smae site-wise?



FleaMod Admin Feb 08 '79

You can swap teams on the top left there as well:

QueenMaster Feb 09 '79

Not really answer to my question.

How many points do you earn for each category in roto play??

FleaMod Admin Feb 09 '79

You have 6 teams in your league. If you finish first in a category, you receive 6 for that category (1 point for last) and each adds up cumulatively that you can see to the far right on your home page of the league.

QueenMaster Feb 13 '79

So do we earn those daily or weekly based on our players performance.

Not exactly what we thought going into this but we will manage.

Thank you for your response.

FleaMod Admin Feb 13 '79

Daily and at season's end they total and we cumulatively add them for you every night until then.