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Rjef52 Apr 15 '13

Any chance Tackle for a loss is added before the 2013 football season starts?



FFCSR_Hal Admin Apr 16 '13

We'd like to have it added, yes. It's something we're working on with our stats company at our meetings. We'll keep you updated.

Rjef52 Apr 16 '13

Thanks for the quick response! I look forward to starting my first season with you guys!

Hags888 Jul 19 '13

Ditto. Not many sites offer tackles for loss, but it's something I'm very interested in using. It's part of Pro Football Focus "Ultimate IDP Scoring" metric. Having this little nugget would help set your site apart from all the rest even more!

FleaMod Admin Jul 20 '13

Still working with our stats team on this. We'll have a firm answer by around preseason. Thanks.

Hags888 Aug 22 '13

Any word from the stats team on if/when tackles for loss will be added to IDP scoring?

FleaMod Admin Aug 22 '13

Not this year unfortunately as of now; but I will ask them one more time. We hope to have it next year. I will keep you updated when I receive word from them.