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tonysynots Mar 28 '13

Does footlocker offer an auto draft option


tonysynots Mar 28 '13

Sorry, fleaflicker

FFCSR_Hal Admin Mar 28 '13

Yes, we support automated drafts for users that can't attend the live drafts, but at least one user must be there to start the draft room and open it up (this can be done when the draft room opens, but the window must be kept open). To trigger the draft, at least one member must have the draft room open to at least start it -- then they can close it once the first pick is made.

tonysynots Mar 29 '13

Thank you

tonysynots Apr 09 '13

Can I autodraft for the while league without consent from owners

FleaMod Admin Apr 09 '13

Technically, yes. But you must pause the pick before the 5 seconds is up on that owner or else it will pick for the team (you have to undo the pick if this happens and you only have 60 minutes of cumulative pause time).

tonysynots Apr 11 '13

I'm looking to have the computer pick for every team and not from there Que

is that possible

FFCSR_Hal Admin Apr 11 '13

They would have to go into the league and hit Default Rankings and it would get rid of their custom rankings. Then you can open the live draft room and just let it run. If you send our support e-mail, as commissioner of the league, while logged into the site, linking the league, we possibly can change the default rankings for each player before you want to draft. Contact us at