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Mark_Smithivas Dec 24 '78

Is it possible to start our fantasy BB season one (or more) weeks after the official MLB season begins? How would we do that? I'm assuming the commissioner would conduct a manual draft at the point that we want the league to commence? Our leagues are H2H points.


FFCSR_Hal Admin Dec 24 '78

Sure. You can start the draft whenever you'd like and start the fantasy season when you want too. We allow you to draft all the way into the season for baseball. If you need help setting up your specific league (the draft or start of your season), contact our staff:

Mark_Smithivas Dec 26 '78

OK, is there a setting in the commish options to control it myself or do I need to contact your staff to have them set it up for me?

FleaMod Admin Dec 26 '78

Commish Options->Edit Live Draft Options whenever you're ready

Mark_Smithivas Dec 26 '78

The leagues are set up as manual draft now. If I just wait to create the rosters until the week we're ready to start, that will also work, right?

FleaMod Admin Dec 27 '78

Yes, it sure will.