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DonTerminator Feb 26 '13

Just want to know if you guys are going to implement a taxi squad soon, or if you guys at least have one in development. It would be a great feature to add going into this season. Thanks.


DonTerminator Feb 26 '13

And just to clarify I'm talking about fantasy football but any fantasy sport could benefit from such a system.

scotto1959 Feb 27 '13

years on this and nothing????

seafish Feb 27 '13

just increase you bench size?

rangerdave Feb 27 '13

For some leagues, taxi squads are designed to give teams a chance to let a player develop before placing him on the active roster. If a league just increased the size of the roster instead of having an actual taxi squad, owners who wish to develop players could be at a tactical disadvantage as there will be other owners who will use the increase in roster size to add more players who can help their teams immediately.

Also, in contract leagues, a taxi squad is used to allow owners to keep young players without affecting cap limits. A true taxi squad is needed.

dgemery May 06 '13

Yes, I love this idea too.