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chucklehead22 Dec 01 '78

I'd like to see a more descriptive summary of ANY rule or roster changes made by a commissioner.


I've seen too many notifications of changes made to rosters/rules in the Front Office but no explanation of what was changed. More often than not owners will question what was changed.


If the notification in the Front Office actually posted what was changed, both the old and the new setting/roster change it would avoid claims of cheating and provide a more trustworthy environment.


seafish Dec 01 '78

im a commish in many leagues and i make a point of tell my owners what i have changed before i change it and after plus i also let them know when i retake control of the league what i was checking so they all understand what im doing

i would like to think that the good commishe do this but i do understand what you are saying im in some leagues that this happens with no reason and you have to ask the commish what he did

chucklehead22 Dec 09 '78

A good commish should</> post what was changed but to avoid any confusion or untruths, the Front Office should also post it.

chucklehead22 Dec 10 '78

Guess I screwed up my bold tags....