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rlbryce36 Nov 11 '78

Are we going to add more defensive players this year. so all the positions are covered for our league.


FleaMod Admin Nov 14 '78

It's doubtful we're going to be splitting DL, LB, and DB up into DT, DE, ILB, OLB, SS, FS, CB -- it's possible we do it for 2013, but doubtful because we believe the current system does work fine and there is a lot of ambiguity regarding position changes, especially in certain schemes. This takes out a lot of the guess work and makes it more of a reality within their positions. Again, it's not something we've ruled out, just leaning against it for now.

rangerdave Nov 17 '78

You are doing yourselves a disservice by not breaking down IDP positions. There are many users on other sites who would be willing to try Flea if changes such as this are made. Many of these owners are keeper/ dynasty owners. That is the type of owner the site needs, not more redraft owners who may not continue playing on the site.

Regarding the ambiguity of positions due to schemes, that is already there in the current setup. You already have made decisions on players who could be considered at either DL or LB. The biggest IDP complaint I see on other fantasy forums is the case of Terrell Suggs. He is listed as a LB on Flea, but a DL on other sites. Breaking down IDP positions won't eliminate a case like Suggs', so your argument is weak.

Also, you do not need to break down LB at all. Nor do you need to have two safety positions. A new IDP system should be DE, DT, LB, CB, S.

Please reconsider your negative position on IDP changes. A change is sure to bring in new owners, and will assist in keeping owners who may be thinking of leaving.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Nov 19 '78

Thanks, Dave. We value your opinion along with other IDP diehards and dynasty players. We are going to do our best to have this implemented by around the late spring/summer time; but no promises on a timetable. But I think it is important and do expect to have it for 2013 -- this year.

You bring up valid points as do other users.

rangerdave Nov 20 '78

Thanks, Hal. I would love to bring in more users to the site, and these types of changes will bring in new users.

rlbryce36 Nov 20 '78

thanks Dave that was what I was asking but you just described it better.

TheBov Dec 18 '78

Do you have an idea as to when you are likely to implement this change into the system? As rangerdave says, it is a much needed and positive change. I ask cos I am starting up a new dynasty league this year based on a Ryder Cup style between American players and European/International players. I plan to start the draft in June and so the poss change in IDP positions to the system affects what I do.

Many thanks.

TheBov Dec 30 '78

Any reply to this question coming soon?

FleaMod Admin Dec 30 '78

It's something that we're trying to implement. It's a bit hard to do under the hood. We're hopeful it is in place by May/June. We will keep you updated. We know it's important and we should have it done eventually down the road. It's something we're taking seriously and trying our best to implement it.

TheBov Dec 30 '78

OK, thanks. I understand that its a difficult upgrade to implement as it affects every part of the system.

Cheers for the update.

stomperrob Apr 03 '79

I agree with Dave: "Also, you do not need to break down LB at all. Nor do you need to have two safety positions. A new IDP system should be DE, DT, LB, CB, S."

Any update on when the changes will happen?

~Thanks, Rob

FFCSR_Hal Admin Apr 03 '79

It is something that takes a lot of back-end hard code changing. It is on the top of our agenda along with a revamped draft room and being able to draft through mobile devices. There is no timetable on the draft room enhancements and the separation of IDPs -- we hope to be able to separate them this year, but it is looking more likely for a definite 2014 release.