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Maves Nov 02 '78

... hurt my reputation score?

I have been joining a few leagues where the commish was desperate for managers and upon going to the site, I find I am no longer an owner of any team in that league and the league is full.

Does getting kicked out of a league count against our reputations on Flea?


Maves Nov 05 '78


What's up FF? I was hoping to hear if speaking up for fairness and against cheating in a league and then getting kicked because of that public opposition to wrong would count against our teams with regard to our FF public reputation ranking by FF?

What about where we did nothing at all in a league and got kicked out by the commish because he didn't like our opposition to his ex-post-facto rule change in a DIFFERENT league?

FleaMod Admin Nov 05 '78

We have failsafes in place (not perfect) that protect and prevent you from this. We can't police individual leagues, but do our best; please contact us individually using the contact form -- there's nothing else we can do for you here in this circumstance.