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Champ_24 Nov 01 '78

Why is Brunner a C now???

I drafted him as F to play on LW now it changed after 1 game where he played the wing .


FleaMod Admin Nov 01 '78

He'll be classified as a Center this year. Our stats provider had him incorrectly listed as a F.

FleaMod Admin Nov 01 '78

For the most part, especially for rookies, we'll be using what the team has as their primary position. Sorry if this causes an inconvenience. Please email our staff if you happen to see glaring errors

Champ_24 Nov 01 '78

Thanks for the quick reply , I am just glad it was a late pick

Champ_24 Nov 04 '78

Why isn't Cory Conacher a C then , or why is Hagelin still listed as a F

FFCSR_Hal Admin Nov 04 '78

For further questions on hockey eligibility positions, please e-mail our staff and it will be forwarded to the correct department that can be more clear and concises:

In terms of players like Conacher, they will move to what they are listed or as they accrue around 3 games of starting ice time at the position if they are not yet (but will default to what the NHL team has them listed when there is question). You can also contact our team with questions concerning other teams.