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JonnyMacFlo Oct 30 '78

Why are their no scores on the scoreboard?


Matt1295 Oct 30 '78

Just about to write the same thing

FleaMod Admin Oct 30 '78

Aware, will be fixed shortly, sorry for the inconvenience. Engineers are taking care of it; live scoring will appear shortly.

Michakav Oct 31 '78

How long is shortly?

seafish Oct 31 '78

just give them a chance everybody has been throw into a mess with just two weeks to get league drafted and everything im sure Flea's stat provider has been under a great deal of pressure to get their season started also

they will get it as soon as they can they do a great job here

we waited over three months a couple of hrs will not hurt

Michakav Oct 31 '78

Your right....Just a little antsy :)

Michakav Oct 31 '78

I am not all that worried about it since the Pens took it to the filthy Flyers!!!!

seafish Oct 31 '78

i understand i could not wait for the Bruins Rangers game to come on tonight

it great is it not to have them back?

Michakav Oct 31 '78

It is the best thing since sliced

I was sure there would'nt even be a season.

FleaMod Admin Oct 31 '78

Issue has been fixed. All should be reflecting fine now. Thanks again for your patience and understanding & for playing here.