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abreland9 Jan 15 '13

I'm in a daily roster change league, but my schedule prevents me from making changes daily. When I set my lineups for more than one day ahead, the changes don't "take".

Is there any way to make changes more than one day ahead & have it actually WORK (i.e. "save")?


FantasyGuru1965 Jan 15 '13

Yes. Changing the day on your line-up page. Set the line-up and click save. It works.

abreland9 Jan 15 '13

Where do you "click save"? All I see is a button to "set lineup" & I do that every time I make a change, but it does not "save" the changes beyond one day!

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jan 15 '13

Daily leagues are working and changing fine. It is the Set Lineup at the bottom. It will set at the beginning of the week and use that roster. If you want to make changes to certain days, just drop down to those days. Let our staff know if this is not working for you:

abreland9 Jan 16 '13

If I set my lineup for today or tomorrow & click Set Lineup, everything works fine. If I try to set my lineup two or more days in advance (and click Set Lineup, of course), it does not "take." So I have to reset my lineup every one or two days.

I need to be able to set my lineups each week on Mondays for Mondays thru Sundays & have the adjustments "take" and remain what I specified for all seven days. Maybe it's just me, but that's not working for me.

FleaMod Admin Jan 16 '13

Working here. What browser and version are you running?

abreland9 Jan 16 '13

Running Windows 7 w/IE 9.00.8112.16457.

The league is "The Franchise" (basketball) & my team is abreland9.

abreland9 Jan 16 '13

P.S. Our commish ("godfatherscott") said that he has had the same problem.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jan 17 '13

Replicated under the exact scenario and everything changed fine.

If you set a lineup and you see anything revert, please note the time the changes were made and what players went back.

All looks fine.

abreland9 Jan 18 '13

I guess it's some glitch in my computer, then. Oh well, I'll figure some way (or switch to a weekly-change league). Thanks, anyway!

FleaMod Admin Jan 18 '13

Ensure your cookies are enabled.

abreland9 Jan 19 '13

Thanks -- apparently, that was the problem. It seems to be working now.