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mhansen Oct 24 '78

I have been a very satisfied user of Fleaflicker for the past 7 seasons or so. Keep up the good work. I have a couple of suggestions for improvements within the league.

1) Allow the Commish to process pick-ups and trades so they show on the Front Office Tab (player specific). The only way I know of doing this is to edit rosters, but then it only shows that I edited a roster and not specifically what was done. Also, there is no way for the commish to process a trade manually as well.

2) Add different tie-breakers for divisional standings and for wildcard standings. Don't always use the same for both.

3) Allow uneven divisions. I.E.- 14 teams. two divisions of 5, one of 4 instead of two with 7.

Just a couple suggestions. Thanks!


mhansen Apr 12 '79

Are any of these suggestions possible or already available?

mhansen Jun 08 '79

any luck on my recent question?