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PackRule22 Oct 15 '78

ok so i have a team owner who needs out of my league for next season and i would like to find a replacement asap, but when he tries to leave the league or i try to delete him i get a message that says "You cannot perform this action this late in the season. Next season starts in 60 days" this seems stupid since the season has already ended. so is there a way to work around this so that i can find a new owner?


rangerdave Oct 16 '78

Add the new owner to your league, but not on Flea. They will not be able to do anything on the Flea site, so handle all of that team's activity off site, and when the new season opens, make any necessary adjustments.

FleaMod Admin Oct 16 '78

E-mail us and we can make the change...

rangerdave Oct 16 '78

If you are going to do this for anyone who asks, why not just make this option available sitewide?

FleaMod Admin Oct 16 '78

Limitation of the system and software; if the team has time they will gladly help

LAStriker Oct 21 '78

Is there a possibility that you can add a commissioner option to end the current season if it's after week 17, that way the keeper leagues can actually run on the site instead of having to do everything manually for a couple months?