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clublime Dec 31 '12

not only is week 17 not showing but the results are not included in the standings page. In other words our league is stuck with week 16 results? I am the commish in our league and this didnt happen last year? Is anything going to be updated beyond week 16?


clublime Dec 31 '12

we have had a league on flea flicker since 08 and all previous years show week 17 results and playoff bracket results, and the standings include the stats from week 17. I'm worried cuz I read a post from an administrator that said you can change week 17 lineups manually by monday nite and our lineups are blank so cant even do that? So Im afraid to wait is everything going to be lost after that?

FleaMod Admin Dec 31 '12

Will be fixed shortly

clublime Dec 31 '12

Thank you, we were in a panic!! lol