jefro85 Oct 11 '78

What happened to the wk 17 scoreboard? It was there last night fine and this am - none of my teams show lineups or scores? Did something get wiped out on accident. I made no changes to the lineups since Sun AM.


TONYSFINS Oct 11 '78

Yeah same here please update!

clublime Oct 11 '78

Same in our league and the standings page is not updated with the data from week 17? Come one flea get it together!!

clublime Oct 11 '78

we had a league since 08 on fleaflicker and this has never happened before!!

I just looked at all previous seasons and week 17 shows up on the scoreboard !

clublime Oct 11 '78

week 17 shows up on all previous seasons, but not this year?

moondawgs Oct 11 '78

I have the same issue. It only appears to affect leagues that played their SB in week 17.

stevendflash75 Oct 11 '78

I have the same issue.

opusaug Oct 11 '78

We're seeing this in my league too.