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DFerry Sep 24 '78

Just wanted to say to the FleaFlicker administrators that our league has enjoyed using this site for our fantasy football league this season. We weren't sure how Fleaflicker would accomodate what we were trying to do as a league, but we were pleased to find out we have been able to do everything we wanted.

Also, with all that went Hurricane Sandy, the staff did a great job recovering in a time when fantasy football wasn't even the greatest concern for the people of New York.

After our first season here are a few suggestions I for improvement that I believe would enhance the fantasy football players experience:

1.) Enhanced graphic design would greatly improve Fleaflicker. This could be pre-selected skins to help spice up a league's home page or the ability to create your own league page design.

2.) A league record book page option where Commissioner's could store league records.

3.) An area on the league home page where a commisioner's update or alert could be viewed for the benefit of league announcements. Sometimes things get lost on the message boards.

Would love to hear the thoughts of the administrators on if they are already working on these things and if they are when we can hope to see these things implemented.


DFerry Sep 25 '78

Thanks didn't know that. Good info there.