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slider0844 Sep 14 '78

I was hoping there can be a way that we can continue our playoffs even after a team has lost in the first round. We have 16 teams (8 to playoffs 8 to consolation). I would like it if both the playoff and consolation first round losers could continue playing head to head match ups. That way, we could have teams placed 1-16! I use the re-seed after each round so maybe the first round losers could continue with that (highest seed loser plays lowest seed loser). It also is unfortunate that if you lose in the first round you don't care about the remainder of the two weeks.

Please consider implementing this!! I'm sure it wouldn't take too much work (relatively).




slider0844 Sep 15 '78

Sorry about the vagueness but I meant the losers in the playoffs would play another loser from the playoffs and similarly for the consolation. I imagine it'd be identical to a typical sports tournament w/ 8 teams (2 of these in our league: playoffs and consolation) ending with a championship, 3rd place game, 5th place game, 7th place game, consolation championship, 11th place game, 13th place game, and 15th place game. We pay out to many people so it'd be fantastic to have this feature!

Thanks again.

slider0844 Sep 15 '78

To clarify further....Format: Game (teams path to that specific game)


Championship (win win)

3rd (win lose)

5th (lose win)

7th (lose lose)


consolation championship (win win)

11th place (win lose)

13th place (lose win)

15th place (lose lose)

I hope this makes sense.

Gotsomeguns Sep 18 '78

thats what we did last year in the playoffs. a losers bracket for losers.

slider0844 Sep 19 '78

Did you have to manually do it though?

Gotsomeguns Sep 20 '78


slider0844 Sep 21 '79

Is this being considered for next year??? We have to do it manually again this year and it's a hassle. No fun for the guys to not be able to follow their matchups. This is my 7th fleaflicker year and I'd appreciate it if you could add this feature.