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Gaald Aug 15 '78

So I don't know if this has already been talked about but I did some searching and I couldn't find anything similar.

So fleaflicker allows for IR which is great, it allows you to setup a maximum number of IR which is also great, it also allows you to setup what status is required before IR is allowed (out, doubtful etc.) which is fantastic. I don't have a problem with any of this.

Unfortunately what I do have a problem with is the system not forcing roster changes when a player who is on IR has a status change. For example the league I am in allows for players who are considered OUT to go on IR but there have been several times where that players status changes to doubtful for a day or so, and then goes back to OUT and as long as the team does nothing he gets away with not having to drop someone. I thought fleaflicker forced teams to make the change when a players status changed. Is there a setting our league has wrong that is circumventing that? Or is this working as intended, and if so can this be changed?

Also, I don't know where Fleaflicker is getting their status updates from, but it's garbage. It changes way to often during the week based on speculation and rumor. We used to do IR manually based on info from and players status changes were way easier to track as the info only updated twice a week. IR is almost made useless for non keeper leagues if you use Fleaflicker because the status of a player can change multiple times during a day! What's the point?


afootballnut Aug 21 '78

if your using their your expecting to much from ff they are not that accomidating and just get rid of the player or sit on him but ive never used ir it is not neede.on playing this game since 2003 its just not needed and and hard to use