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Randy-L Jul 16 '78

I would like to see an option to give a defense pts to start out with, and then they decline as the defense gives up points. EX:

20pts = for a shutout

15pts = < 7 pts given up

10pts = 8 to 14 pts

5pts= 15pts

4pts= 16pts

3pts= 17 pts

2pts= 18 pts

1pts= 19pts

0 = 0

-5= 21 to 25

-10= 25+

Let the commish be able to adjust.


Hoosier7405 Jul 16 '78

You can do this, it is how I have my league setup. It just takes some time to set it up. Look through all the options for team scoring and it should have something like "X points given when points allowed is between Y and Z". You will have to create a rule for each point option( 20 points given when points allowed in between 0 and 1, 15 points given when points allowed is between 2 and 6, etc.)

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jul 16 '78

Hoosier is correct, you can do this -- email our support staff if you need help