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Drop Oct 04 '12

After our most recent set of claims this week, our waiver order seems to be random, and incorrect.

The team who has the 4th waiver wire position (Power Bottoms) started at 3rd, made no claims, was awarded no players, and yet he somehow moved down to 4th from 3rd. ???

Can Flea Flicker take a look and make sure our waivers are working properly in the Extreme Skins Dynasty League? We'd really appreciate it, thanks!


CCFunkFactory Oct 04 '12

Are u saying that the 3-1 teams get best waiver position?

CCFunkFactory Oct 04 '12

It seems terrible got the best waiver position and was awarded Brandon bolden.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Oct 04 '12

No, you're interpreting the explanation incorrectly. The 3-1 teams get the worst waiver priority, as in worst claims