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HailMaryPass Jul 07 '78

How many players can you put on IR? I have one and tried to add another but couldn't seem to do it...


FleaMod Admin Jul 07 '78

Every league is different depending on what the Commish selects.

You can find out by going to League Rules, and seeing the + number next to IR:

In your case, it's, Totals 15: 8 Starters, 7 Bench, +1 IR

HailMaryPass Jul 08 '78

Thank you very much!!! I sure appreciate the replies I have gotten to my questions... it really helps and, I'm learning!

Pee-Dee Jul 10 '78

Colin McCarthy is listed as OUT, but FF is not letting me place him on IR. League allows doubtful or worse to go on IR.

HailMaryPass Jul 10 '78

As I understand it now, guess you can have only one player on IR, but don't really understand why...

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jul 10 '78

It's customizable based on your league. You can add up to 20 (if your roster size permits it). Just add to the number next to Edit Injured Reserve and increase the roster size if you must.

HailMaryPass Jul 13 '78

Well, I'm thinking that my league only allows one on the IR, but I'll check it out... thank you!!!

Pee-Dee Jul 14 '78

Go to "League Rules"... and it will tell you.

HailMaryPass Jul 14 '78

Thank you!!!