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FFCSR_Hal Admin Jun 25 '78

The NFL and the Elias Sports Bearau meet on Wednesday to confer and make official statistic changes to the previous week's games every week.

We will be changing all stats that the parties officially change. These changes will take place by our system on Friday morning, as the NFL sometimes makes their changes as late as Thursday night (they did this in 2010 to Rashard Mendenhall for his Week 15 game vs the Jets minutes before the Steelers kicked off their Week 16 vs. Carolina on Thursday night). Barring anything very major (we'll take this on a case-by-case basis) we will never process any official changes made after Friday AM. This will be up to your commissioner to change manually if that happens (which is usually never the case).

Although not common, stat changes may very well change some of your matchup results and change overall PF results (more common). You may opt out of this at Commish Options>Edit Tiebreak Rules. If any matchup has changed in your league, you'll see it in the Front Office as an alert.

For now, you can see the stat changes that were made by going to Scoreboard>Stat Changes

To sum up:

- We will change everything the NFL changes, but the stat changes on the scoreboard sub tab will be specific to your league position eligibility and scoring rules. Scoreboard>Stat Changes

- Your league is alerted in your front office if the result of a matchup changed

- Your commissioner can opt out of this at any time at Commish Options>Edit Tiebreak Rules


Gridiron-IQ Jun 26 '78

Thanks man...that helps me out...I thought I was getting cheated...

FleaMod Admin Jun 29 '78

We made even more changes today that should bring more clarity if you were confused. The change lists the statistic along with the value that changed and the fantasy points that changed with it (the swing specific to your league).

Gridiron-IQ Jun 29 '78

Ya I got it now...thanks man...

tlikey5 Jul 22 '78

You are a terrible comish anyway.. You should just delete another league. That was fun drafting 36 rounds just so you could delete it before the season started cool.

Gridiron-IQ Jul 22 '78

Maybe u shouldn't be such a whiny girl ur whole life...

tlikey5 Jul 22 '78

Lol there is a red flag by your name for a reason.

Gridiron-IQ Jul 22 '78

That's because I'm in 30 leagues with a bunch of quitters and babies...when I'm in a league full of quitters and cheaters like the one I was in with u,I drop out of them,I like active and competitive leagues that I can have fun in...I never drop out of leagues just because I'm losing...I pick up losin teams actually...once I weed out all the terrible leagues like the one u where in I'll be left with nothing but great leagues....see how that works?