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FFCSR_Hal Admin May 06 '78

We incorporated a new feature this week that allows you to be the commissioner of a league without owning a team in the league. You can now create a league as commish without an active team. For this to be used, you must have created the league (you can't be appointed commish after creation by another user).

This feature did not take any time away from the new and more important enhancements that we are working on and will have rolled out down the line.

No time or resources were taken away from the more specific requests -- like mobile enhancements -- from the birth of this. We have very big plans for the site and for new features. This feature happened to have been born from the new features and enhancements that we continue to work on and will roll out soon. We wanted to share it with you before though, since we could.

We read all of your suggestions and take them seriously on the forum and in our inbox.


FFCSR_Hal Admin May 06 '78

To utilize this feature, you can go to Commish Options->Remove My Team but Stay Commish. You will basically have full commish options with the exception of posting on the message board as yourself (it will show deleted user for now, but this is something we're working on fixing down the line). You can also appoint co-commishes as well.