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jefro85 Nov 14 '77

One of the things I wish fleaflicker would do is to continue the fantasy scoring through the playoffs and Super Bowl games. Our league maintains players that make it to the playoffs and draft for those positions that don't. We actually have a total 17 week regular season and then a playoff season. But once it get's to the playoffs we have to go back to our old manual scoring process - using box scores. It would be ideal if Fleaflicker would just continue to allow the scoring of the players like it does during the regular season - or give you the option to do this if need be.


Theorizer Sep 14 '78

Any hope this will be available this year? We do a separate, points-only, playoffs-only draft each year where everyone is active as long as their NFL team is alive in the playoffs. A very exciting twist but as jefro says, we have to revert to box scores to tally points. Sure would be nice to set up a league specifically for the playoffs and have Fleaflicker handle the scoring for us!

FleaMod Admin Sep 14 '78

Sorry, we won't have this incorporated for this year (NFL post-season scoring).