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rangerdave Jan 04 '12

There is no offseason in dynasty leagues. January and February are crucial times for reviewing and changing league rules in order to give teams enough time to adjust their rosters and draft strategy before the annual draft. Knowing what changes are coming with the 2012 Flea season is extremely helpful. What can we look forward to?

For example:

Will we see new player positions (e.g. DT, DE, CB, S, etc.)?

What will the rules concerning dual position players be like?

Are any new scoring options being added?

Will we see polls?

Are chatrooms coming?

Will roster sizes be increased?

I know that some things are still being worked on, and there is reluctance to say something is coming that may take awhile, but certainly there are things which you know will be available and can let us know about. Any info would be helpful, if possible.


scotto1959 Jan 08 '12

Individual idp slots are just as improtant as ind off slots.

scotto1959 Jan 08 '12

if you guys ever get the celeb thing worked out. First things first!!

rangerdave Jan 08 '12

Agreed. This is one area where Flea is behind other sites. They will get us those slots eventually. I would just like to see them early enough in an offseason to prepare my leagues for that change.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jan 08 '12

I agree. I'll see if our infrastructure can support it with our head programmer. If so, I'll try and separate them by: DT, DE, LB, CB ad S (I believe this is what you guys are asking for). Not something I'm sure we can support this year in a timely fashion, but I'd like to see it soon. Is this what you guys want?

rangerdave Jan 08 '12

Thanks, Hal. That's exactly what Scotto and I are looking to see changed.