JayAllDay May 06 '77



valerie003 Sep 14 '77

yes please, we will definitely move our 14-team league back from yahoo next year if they come out with an android app :-)

Elyathed Jul 30 '77

week 7 and still nothing...

mack108 Jun 19 '77

Boys and Girls keep your shorts on. Remember what we all pay for this site....remember what we pay to use the fleaflicker software.....and you are going to cry over no android app...then HELP MAKE ONE!

JayAllDay Jun 21 '77

Not crying about it...just saying there is one for iPhone, why not Android? If I could make one or help make one I would not have posted about it I would have MADE ONE, so u can keep your shorts on!

k0ngen Jun 18 '77

Can we get an official statement about how long FF is in the progress of building an Android app?

Dahveed Jun 18 '77

Way over due for sure

Heveroh_Herrick Jun 17 '77

Android is the #1 phone operating system on the market. It needs to be developed or leagues will leave Fleaflicker for yahoo and aol which have Android apps.

AgingBull Jun 17 '77

Count me in! Android please. At least announce an eta.

Strut_Dandelion Jun 16 '77

I am posting a reply just to let them see the numbers are out there of those that want an android app. badly.

TheBeers Jun 16 '77

Agreed. The season is almost upon us and I'd love to have the HTML5 app ready to go ASAP.

Elyathed Jul 24 '77

me too