JayAllDay May 06 '77



Owner-Eric Apr 03 '78

Hello, I am just checking in to see if this is still coming? There are some within my league that really want this.

Thank you.... I still enjoy fle flicker very much!

FFCSR_Hal Admin Apr 05 '78

Thanks, we addressed this a few weeks ago, let us know if we can further assist:


CW_Mac Feb 27 '78

With or without an Android app (I to, have a Droid and would LOVE to see the app released), FleaFlicker is still the fantasy sports king. I'm commissioner of a 12 team Dynasty on here, and we originated in 2008 starting on ESPN. After I realized that the co-commish at the time, was changing scoring without any of us noticing (because ESPN doesn't shoot you a notification when something like that happens, like FF does), we decided to find another website.

Since then, all 11 of my owners have been extremely happy with FleaFlicker and NEVER want to leave the site. The service is fantastic and it has everything we need.

Whether or not this site EVER gets an Android app is the least of me and my owners worries. Hal knows I'm FF's biggest fan and nothing has changed!

Keep up the great work!


DawgPoundRook Feb 23 '78

My league and I will be moving to Yahoo for this football season if you do not develop and Android app. I have emailed FleaFlicker a couple of times about this and your reply was that you were developing an html5 interface or something like that and that it would be out soon (that was over a year ago). Yes, I can access FleaFlicker.com on my Android phone, however, it doesn't work good. The text is very small and I often select the wrong player name because your site is optimized for use on a pc (hence the need for a dedicated app). You have an iPhone app, yet there are now more Android phones active than there are iPhones. With all the cries from your fans/customers for an Android app, it's obvious that you don't care what we want. If there is not a FleaFlicker Android app by August/September, my entire league will be leaving FleaFlicker.

DawgPoundRook Feb 23 '78

I don't mean to be rude and I'm sure that you do care what your fans/customers want but I just don't understand why there isn't an app yet for Android. I have 12 members in my league and there are only 2 of them with iPhones, the other 10 of us are Android users and they are pushing me to move our league. A few years ago when I first came to FleaFlicker, I was a member of someone else's league. Before last football season, that league migrated to Yahoo due to the lack of an Android app at FF. I stayed here at FleaFlicker and created my own league. Now my league members are wanting to move elsewhere, again, because FF doesn't have an app for Android. Other free fantasy apps have ads and I'd be fine with your app having advertisements if that's what it takes. I'd also be interested in a paid app without advertisements. We just want a good Android app from FleaFlicker...

FFCSR_Hal Admin Feb 24 '78

Totally understand your concerns and hear them. We're confident we'll be able to provide what you're asking for by the summer. We are currently working hard on new mobile enhancements/integration, including specific elements for the droid OS and a packaged app. Look for them soon; we'll keep you updated.

DawgPoundRook Feb 26 '78

Woohoo! Thank you!

gameaholica Feb 27 '78

Love to hear an Android App is in progress...

Quez Jun 03 '78

Any updates on the android app?

zukebutt Feb 18 '78

I can get another 100 people to use this website if you make an android app. I also have someone that can develop it.

zukebutt Feb 18 '78

I can get another 100 people to use this site if you make an android app

UNLVmark Feb 17 '78

I'll just say I 'second this' because i don't feel like counting the masses of people who have already said this. I'm in the same boat as the guy below me. Two guys are considering leaving to a site with an android app.

TMiller19 Feb 17 '78

The fact that there isnt an android app has cost me 4 guys in my league. They want to play on nfl.com b/c they offer it. Nfl.com, Yahoo, Espn all offer an android app.

Pee-Dee Feb 01 '78

Android app would be nice. It makes a terrible fantasy site like NFL.com much more fun to play... just think of what it could do for one of the most flexible FF sites on the market?