JayAllDay Jul 26 '11



zukebutt May 10 '12

I can get another 100 people to use this website if you make an android app. I also have someone that can develop it.

zukebutt May 10 '12

I can get another 100 people to use this site if you make an android app

UNLVmark May 09 '12

I'll just say I 'second this' because i don't feel like counting the masses of people who have already said this. I'm in the same boat as the guy below me. Two guys are considering leaving to a site with an android app.

TMiller19 May 09 '12

The fact that there isnt an android app has cost me 4 guys in my league. They want to play on nfl.com b/c they offer it. Nfl.com, Yahoo, Espn all offer an android app.

Pee-Dee Apr 22 '12

Android app would be nice. It makes a terrible fantasy site like NFL.com much more fun to play... just think of what it could do for one of the most flexible FF sites on the market?

Owner-Eric Dec 06 '11

Help me understand.......if you have an android phone, you have internet, so the site works perfectly...why do you need an app?

I am not trying to be rude, I am just confused, what would the app do that the site doesn't already do? I watch the scoring live on my phone each week, manage my players and even run commish options all from my android phone. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

JayAllDay Dec 06 '11

The ability to control my teams with one touch is the general idea.. that is the purpose of an app. Apps simplify things. Most apps you can go to the full website, but you have to navigate through the site. Check out fleaflicker app for Apple products.

Pee-Dee Apr 22 '12

I guess you use your phone's browser for Facebook, twitter, email and other items available in a browser but much easier to use in a touchscreen/tablet/phone specific application.

valerie003 Dec 04 '11

yes please, we will definitely move our 14-team league back from yahoo next year if they come out with an android app :-)

Elyathed Oct 20 '11

week 7 and still nothing...