JayAllDay Jul 26 '11



Lucy_Goosey Oct 06 '12

Why is there an iPhone app and not one for the Android!

This is crazy!

JayAllDay Sep 30 '12

Try Thuuz Sports in the app market

Chaoticjacket Sep 25 '12

any news?

MrPaulus Sep 14 '12

Site works fine on my Motorola Atrix....

Ewillis Aug 31 '12

First time user on FleaFlicker, very disappointing to find there is no android app available.

DCSports Sep 03 '12

Totally agree, very dissapointed there was no droid app, even more so when I learned there was an app for the iphone, man I miss my iphone, hopefully there's a droid app soon.

amcwebs Sep 12 '12


FleaMod Admin Sep 12 '12

Like we've been alluding to, there will be a super-enhanced mobile experience that will far and away be incredible.

It is still in the works (it takes a bit of time to perfect) and will almost definitely be released some time midseason and before season's end. We appreciate your patience. We're die-hard users who want it too and we're working on it.

It will get done! And it will be worth the wait!

Please see this if you have any more questions:


rpatters Dec 05 '12

so i guess this isn't coming this year... disappointing.

Duck_Fan Aug 30 '12

Come on fleaflicker, ESPN has a great app for droids cant understand why you have not got one yet. If you guys get a good app you would hands down be the best FF site

Quez Aug 23 '12

Any updates on the android app?

FleaMod Admin Aug 31 '12

Latest update is here, guys, thanks:


Jagerbombwvu Aug 17 '12

Mobile internet just will not cut it on my android, this is my 6th year with Fleaflicker and it would make fantasy so much easier while at bars and football games.