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ocampoed Oct 08 '76

Thngs I would like to see or sayonara (maybe):

- Credit for half sacks - Is it too much to ask that a half sack be credited with 3 points (sacks in our league are worth 6 points). We don't use the fractional points system and have been told that is the only way to get the credit. It is an official stat isn't it?

- League Finances - Add a tab. Most other free sites have this function (Yahoo, ESPN, etc.).

- League History or trophy room - We've had our league since 2004 and the history of winners is located on an Excel page that I have for keeper purposes...

- Special place for Overall points leaders - It's kinda cosmetic but to have the Overall Points on a small little space on Stats under the League tab is kinda weak. We have a playoff and overall points winner and I know some of the dumbbutts in my league can't find the Stats section so I post it on the Message Board.

Just some thoughts....




ocampoed Oct 01 '77

Since its the end of the year, thought I'd move my Christmas wish list back to the top...