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FFCSR_Hal Admin Jun 13 '76

You can now replicate scoring rules over from one league to another league.

You do not have to be commissioner of the league to transfer the scoring rules either, you just need to be a part of the league.

To use another league's scoring rules for your new or existing league, do the following: Commish Options>Edit Scoring Rules>From Another League

Please let us know how you like it or if you run into any scoring-related bugs with it.


J-J Jun 19 '76

What will it take to get transaction limits?

An online petition signed by the site's most committed & influential users?

How many signatures would it take from owners threatening to change fantasy sites? Would the fear of losing ad revenues from the site getting less hits finally serve as a catalyst for change?

100 signatures? 1,000?

I'll start it if that's what it comes to.