fleafounder Admin May 22 '76

We put out a celebrity version of our fantasy game.

This game cost us virtually zero time to develop. It runs on the same software as our sports games and it's just for fun. No time/resources were taken away from developing our sports games to create it.

Try it out and let us know. If everyone hates it we can always take it down. But I think it's fun.


budsal May 26 '76

like they said about your slogan "free fantasy sports",not celeb games. F.Y.I.,back when I first began playing on this site i belieive it was run out of a basement,or was it his dorm room?anyways,this site has come a long way and instead of this annoying celb game how about trying to get the bench scoring resolved?or some of the other issues that have been asked about in the past 12 months.i think you guys are going to become the next fantasy TMZ.maybe you should add fantasy tennis and fantasy world of warcraft or how about fantasy facebook?I have talked your site up for years now and instead of it getting better it is mearly staying the same.update what you have and worry about this other stuff later.i love how you threw in it took you zero time to start this new celeb game when anyone with a little knowledge of computers knows this isnt true.i gaurantee it.get back to what WE want seeing as WE are the ones looking at your advertisements and using your site instead of what you want cause in the end only you will be left.

HattoriHanzo May 27 '76

great point......If this took so little time, then why did it take over a year to put in team, league, and user logos??? People were asking for those for a LONGGG time and it took forever for them to finally come out, yet nobody has asked for this pointless game, which "took no time" to make...I also agree with your point that WE are the ones who look at your advertisements, and in the end keep your site alive...

Volt May 27 '76

Seriously, the only things that were keeping this site somewhat viable are now becoming more readily available on other sites. The free live scoring kept it above Yahoo, but now they are live again for free. The customization is nice, but other sites will catch up to that and surpass it in no time. Personally, the only reason I am still on this site is because I have invested so much time in setting up leagues and getting good groups of people in leagues. The complete disregard shown to all of the great ideas people have provided really speaks volumes about what they think and about the direction of the site. It's too bad, they have a really good core group of players here and many are talking about moving on.

HattoriHanzo May 28 '76

Well, I still think that this site is the best to offer the most variety, even though i only do football, and from what I've seen, Fleaflicker is better than ESPN by far, I'm not sure about Yahoo, and Ive tried other sites such as CBSSports, NFL.com, etc. and Fleaflicker is better than them all. I think what I'm(and everyone else) trying to do is to get the Admins to understand this and to focus on fixing and uprading the fantasy sports that the people DO play, instead of adding things that we dont need.

budsal May 28 '76

i believe thats what i said above.

barryb1 May 26 '76

i like this but it would have been better to introduce it after football season. right now football drafts are coming up so nobody gives a crap about fantasy celebrities.

Dynasty001 May 27 '76

i dont think anyone will ever give a crap about fantasy celebs.

[Deleted User] May 23 '76

Fleafounder, while this might not go to far, what would be fun is to recruit celebs for fantasy owners, like some other sites. As many pro's play too. I played in a league with Arizona wr L. fitzgerald and it was fun, and active like no other. That would cost little or no money to develop and the return could put us over the top. Goodluck steakwith 5th in the world ranking 09.

Volt May 23 '76

Since that Lindsay Lohan person is in jail, does that make her IR eligible?

deen May 23 '76

I think shes out of jail now, so she should be fantasy eligibile again.

Volt May 23 '76

I better watch that TMZ show and brush up on my celeb knowledge (or complete lack thereof).

deen May 23 '76

Lol..Gotta use Entertainment Tonight and TMZ as a cheat sheet when you draft..

I dunno, they might not have IR in the celeb game, im guessing its part of the celeb fantasy expeirence and your team gets tons of points when somebody is in trouble or dies..

Volt May 23 '76

Yeah, but it looks like there are a bunch of negative points involved too...

scotto1959 May 23 '76

Like I said. They got scoring tips from DrStu. Rehab is a good thing.

Davy_CrockettTX May 26 '76

This is ridiculous. I'm about 2 clicks away from deleting my 3 season league and moving to nfl.com because of this garbage.

Seriously, with all the complaining about updates/lack of features.. who thought this would be a good idea?

Dynasty001 May 27 '76

Why would you do that? Just dont join and hide it on ur profile so you dont even know its there... Its not like it makes Fleaflicker worse in any way, it just doesnt help...

Davy_CrockettTX May 27 '76

I know bud.. and I'm not going to delete my league this close to the season. It's just kind of odd.

I'm running a baseball league in which my players argue about add/dropping of pitchers daily. I can't fix it unless I lock the rosters at the beginning of the week(which I don't want to do). You would think they would have implemented a starting pitcher limit by now. Not releasing this stuff.

Hell, we even created a celeb league to see how dumb it is, but who would be able to find 8 guys to even participate in one?

Dynasty001 May 27 '76

I did 1 celeb league just for the hell of it, but just pick up the hot babes and drop people i dont know. And yeah they say transaction limits will be ready soon, but for football season that doesnt really help.

deen May 23 '76

Is this a joke? I hate it, more important things like baseball transaction and games started limits shouldve came way before this crap..

Dynasty001 May 23 '76

yup i agree

J-J May 23 '76


Beef-Supreme May 26 '76

This site is a joke.

Dynasty001 May 27 '76

The site is awesome... the idea, not so much.

Dynasty001 May 22 '76

Sorry to be negative... but I hate it.

Dynasty001 May 22 '76

Just read the slogan... "Fleaflicker, Free Fantasy Sports" -- is this a sport? NO

fleafounder Admin May 22 '76

Would it help if we added an option to hide that link when you're signed in? Maybe a preference that says Hide all games/sports that I'm not using?

This way you don't have to know it's out there.

fleafounder Admin May 22 '76

I've added an option on the settings page. Check off Hide games that I'm not playing to hide all the sports/games that you're not in.

Volt May 22 '76

To add to dynasty boy's negativity -

You guys spent virtually zero time developing this new nonsense? So, in other words, you spent the exact same amount of time on this new crap as you did on making improvements to football this season? Nice move.

There was no Roto for baseball even though you said there would be. The draft room still sucks. The message boards are a joke. There are no auction drafts. No draft timer or auto pick if away for email drafts. The site looks like it was made in someone's basement about ten years ago. There are a ton of features people have been asking for for years yet there is time for a celebrity game to be added. Good to know where the priorities lie around here.

Three cheers for fleaflicker. Hip hip...

thaDOME May 23 '76


scotto1959 May 23 '76

Could we have the option to hide Hal somewhere?

Volt May 23 '76

I think someone already created a hide Doug option. He always seems to disappear.

scotto1959 May 24 '76

You have just about worn out your spamness!!!

HattoriHanzo May 27 '76

Well actually......we would need a hide Ori option

Sidney1965 May 22 '76

Where is it?

FFCSR_Doug May 22 '76

On your home page. On the row with NFL / MLB / NBA / NHL and now Celeb.