scott4705 Jun 03 '75

who would you take as your QB?


tnmarauder Jun 06 '75

Well in my league (Auction keeper) Rodgers was kept for 3 points (Standard scoring PPR) and Brady was drafted for 47 points (200 points to draft with). So in this case I would way that the team with Rodgers got more value but in a straight draft its easy Brady over Rodgers.

[Deleted User] Jun 06 '75

With a question like this I really hope you are in one of my leagues!! :)

LivinLargeUknow Jun 05 '75

DO u even need to ask BRADY

ThrillingPlague Jun 04 '75


[Deleted User] Jun 04 '75

Tom Brady for the fact the weapons he has versus the ones that Aaron has!! No contest!!


Volt Jun 04 '75

Fantasy football wise, that really depends on when you have to draft that QB. To get Brady, you are going to have to take him in the first rounds in most leagues, sometimes in the second. You can generally get Rogers a little later. I think spending a first on a different position and getting Rogers in the 4th or 5th is better than taking Brady in the first round.

Ptsfn Jun 03 '75


[Deleted User] Jun 03 '75

Tom Brady, not even close in my opinion.