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fleafounder Admin May 30 '75

You can now set the following.

  • Profile picture
  • Team logo
  • League logo



rlbryce36 Jun 18 '75

pictures gone

fleafounder Admin Jun 18 '75

I've contacted the engineers responsible for maintaining those servers.

Because logos are cosmetic and don't affect gameplay I won't be escalating the issue and disturbing people on a holiday weekend.

As a result, this may not be fixed until tomorrow or Tuesday.

thekingofsecond Jun 18 '75

Thanks. Any chance of having them increase the size of the logos while they're at it? At least on the matchup page would be great.

Chiefdustin Jun 19 '75

Agreed, the box score screen should have logos the same size as the team page. Would be a very easy fix.

VinceB128 Jun 19 '75

I love how all these non-technical people can say what that these fixes are so easy, haha. You'd be surprised at how many things 'sounds' easy that aren't so much.

Chiefdustin Jun 19 '75

No, you're wrong Vince. It would be very easy to up the size of the logo on the "box score" section to match it in size of the team section logo.

DARKSEID Jun 20 '75

I guess you were right,I see a larger picture on my box score now.

fleafounder Admin Jun 20 '75

This one was easy to do but VinceB128 is definitely right--a lot of requests appear easy but are very difficult.

Most software development is significantly more difficult than it first appears.

DARKSEID Jun 20 '75

Thanks for the good work. I appreciate the fact you guys are always looking for ways to improve on the site. Keep up the good work.

Hiccup Jun 20 '75

I see it! Thanks FLea!

Pigskin_Pimp Jun 20 '75

Great Job...Thanks Flea

Volt Jun 20 '75

What, you mean you don't just type in "make logos bigger" into the code?

Funny how many people think programming is so easy. I hated it when I had to do it.

Junior_Lopez Jun 21 '75

Thanks for the upgrade and listening to our requests. Logos look great on the box score page!

Chiefdustin Jun 21 '75

That is beautiful! Thanks a ton Founder!

ali83 Jun 22 '75

great flipping job! u r the best again!

[Deleted User] Sep 01 '75

can we get some more football Beasts of the Site?!