fleafounder Admin May 17 '75

We released a new feature today that allows waiver claims to be resolved using a blind bid auction instead of (often rank-based) priority.

How it works

In the past claims for the same player were awarded to the team with the best waiver position.

Now you can use a blind-bid auction system. Here, players are awarded to the team that submits the highest bid (if there is a tie, the player will be awarded to the team with the worst rank). Each time one of your claims is processed, the bid amount will be deducted from your remaining budget.

How to set it up

Edit your league's waiver claim options and select the initial budget for each team (also editable on a team-by-team basis throughout the year).

You can manage your claims as usual on your team's waiver claims page.

How to test it out

If you are curious as to how this works or you want to help test this for football, create a baseball league. The waiver options are exactly the same as in football.

Let us know if there are any problems or if you have any suggestions.



tcostant May 17 '75

A quick question -

If I process on Wednesday, how are players process the rest of the week, is it just a regular add/drop process? With these transation deduct any of the blind bidding budget? Please advise.

Pigskin_Pimp May 17 '75

You did it...I gotta give you props for that. I didn't think it would get done. If our waivers setting is going to remain the same as we had last year (not saying it will) but just for the info. Do we need to reset the league rules back to waiver priority as it was last season or will it stay the way we initially set up? I am sure some leagues will want to continue with the old system. Any updates on where we are with logos?

fleafounder Admin May 17 '75

No. It's not like a FAAB in roto fantasy baseball.

It's just like the waiver claims on Fleaflicker last season but instead of resolving claims using priority, we now use your bid. It's not a whole new system, just a new way of deciding which team is awarded a player when two or more teams try to claim the same player.

After the claim period, players are available first-come-first-served, just like always.

fleafounder Admin May 17 '75

The default waiver setting hasn't changed.

You need to edit your waiver settings if you want to use the blind bid system.

Logos are on deck. It requires setting up some new servers to host the images so that part is out of my hands but I'm pushing for mid-August.

tcostant May 17 '75

"After the claim period, players are available first-come-first-served, just like always."

That is what I wanted to know!

No deduction of blind bidding bucks for these "first-come-first-served" adds later in the week. Correct?

Pigskin_Pimp May 17 '75

Thanks for the update. I have been tough on flea for seemingly not getting things accomplished...but I am man enough to say you guys are proving yourselves to us naysayers!! Thanks for the upgrades!

ssuperflash May 17 '75

There's really no poin t in doing that because there is no claiming.

barryb1 May 17 '75

where do you see how much is left in each team's budget?

fleafounder Admin May 17 '75

Good catch.

I was only displaying it after the draft (because it doesn't really apply before the draft).

But you're right, it's important information even before. I'll add it.

Once this is resolved you can see it in a few places--the standings (new "WP" column), the team page in the info box top-right, and the commish option to edit all waiver budgets.

For now you can check out my baseball league to see it.

thaDOME May 17 '75

When game-start waivers is activated, how does this impact football games played on Thursday's? Do all players go on waivers essentially locking out the option to pickup free agents for Sunday & Monday Games? Anyone experienced this?

fleafounder Admin May 17 '75

Just the Thursday players.

As soon as a player's game starts, they can no longer be added outright--you have to claim them through the claim system.

The link next to the player's name will say "claim" instead of "add".

The following Wednesday (or whenever your league sets its waiver processing day), all claims are processed and players are awarded.

This applies to all NFL games--Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.