fleafounder Admin Aug 06 '09

We released a new feature today that allows waiver claims to be resolved using a blind bid auction instead of (often rank-based) priority.

How it works

In the past claims for the same player were awarded to the team with the best waiver position.

Now you can use a blind-bid auction system. Here, players are awarded to the team that submits the highest bid (if there is a tie, the player will be awarded to the team with the worst rank). Each time one of your claims is processed, the bid amount will be deducted from your remaining budget.

How to set it up

Edit your league's waiver claim options and select the initial budget for each team (also editable on a team-by-team basis throughout the year).

You can manage your claims as usual on your team's waiver claims page.

How to test it out

If you are curious as to how this works or you want to help test this for football, create a baseball league. The waiver options are exactly the same as in football.

Let us know if there are any problems or if you have any suggestions.



DaSOBCommish Aug 06 '09

i understand if theres a tie it would go to worst record. But what if the 2 teams involved have same record?

fleafounder Admin Aug 07 '09

DaSOBCommish Aug 06 '09

ok another question...if i set the waiver process time to process on a Fri Whats the cut off time for teams to bid on players? Thurs night?? If so what time? Midnight? and if it is midnight is it central time?

fleafounder Admin Aug 06 '09

Same as always, 5 AM EST the morning the claims are processed. The schedule will appear on the claims page in detail. It also appears on the league rules page.

DaSOBCommish Aug 07 '09

sorry this is my 1st yr doing fleaflicker not familiar with waiver process

dustrz Aug 06 '09

that's a nice feature, but where are the finance tracking options? You know, I've posted about this ever since you guys took over for aol. I finally got a response the last time i posted of "we're working on it" well ladies and gentlemen, it's about a week away from most teams draft day and still no progress. Even if you charged $20.00 to enable that feature not only would you not lose any teams, you'd probably make a pretty decent little profit off of it. Most of the other sites charge up to 159.99 for a season and there's no guarantee you get what you want even after you pay it. Fleaflicker (like aol) has the most customizeable features on the market for free. it blows away yahoo, espn, fox, and cbs (believe me, i know) The only thing(s) missing are the finance tracker and the logos. As it stands right now, I have been doing all of the finances myself. It's the most strenuous part of my league. doing all the stats myself is ACTUALLY easier than doing the finances. Fleaflicker, PLEASE HELP!!!!! I've been an adamant poster on this topic and eagerly wait for a more accurate response. If I have to move all 3 of my leagues, I will, regrettably of course. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION

fleafounder Admin Aug 06 '09

I understand.

But it's a matter of implementing the most commonly-used features first.

All I can promise is that when we do implement it you'll be the first person we ask for feedback and input on the design.

I saw your original thread on the suggestions forum. If you post what exactly you're looking for (the features that you need the most), that will help.

fleafounder Admin Aug 06 '09

This is the thread.

DeetDatDoats Aug 06 '09

and this is why I love this site for fantasy football. Thanks a ton!!

DaSOBCommish Aug 06 '09

and is there a screen where we can see how much money is left in other teams bank?? Will it be in the standings? Has this been implemented yet?

fleafounder Admin Aug 06 '09

Please see this thread.

cwong Aug 06 '09

what happens if there's a tie?

also, can you bid in decimals?

DaSOBCommish Aug 06 '09

ya good question

fleafounder Admin Aug 06 '09

Ties go to the team with the worst power rank (uses your league's custom tiebreaking rules).

Decimals are not allowed.

DaSOBCommish Aug 07 '09

what u mean power rank??? Can u be alittle more specific? Trying to write down waiver pick up rules and just want to make sure i got this right...and what u mean it uses leagues custom tiebreaking rules?

BigDaddysr Aug 06 '09

Ok so if we make it FRI as cut off day. Anyway we can lock SAT AND SUN so no1 can pick anyone?? We just want to implement BIDDING and after FRI lock sat and sun so no1 can pick anyone up

fleafounder Admin Aug 06 '09

That's not supported right now.

DaSOBCommish Aug 06 '09

ok so let me get this straight b4 i activate this. We have 12 teams and each team will have $1000 of auction money. So if a team wants a free agent player on a tuesday they would haveta bid a certain amount and if no1 bids on him by thurs which is cut off time that team gets that player and whatever amount they bidded gets deducted automatically from the $1000.. Correct??

And if i set where blind bids end Fri can i change it anytime during season? I would only change it to weds during weeks where games start on Thursdays. Then change it back to fridays?

fleafounder Admin Aug 06 '09

Yes everything you said is correct--waiver options can be edited any time during the season.

It's worth noting that a bid of zero is valid--if nobody else bids, you get the player.

Also, I will stress again that if you played using the old waiver system last season, nothing is changing other than the method by which claims are resolved. Locking, unlocking, and first-come-first-served rules remain as they were last season.